Sunday Classes

Children’s Sunday School

This class focuses on helping children to know the Lord in their young age and to teach them about the Bible and its importance in the life of a Christian believer.

Young Adults & Youth Sunday School

This class aims at helping the youth in the church to grow and mature in their spiritual life and to prepare them to be the next generation church leaders. It is important that the youth are being encouraged to get involved and to actively participate in different church ministries.

Adult Sunday School

This class caters for the combined adult men & women group. They have a quarterly Sunday school material on a variety of topics that they study to further enhance their knowledge of the Bible. There is also s separate class for new Christian Believers which focuses more on discipleship and Christian growth.

Group Ministries

Faithful Men

This is the NSBMBC Men’s fellowship group which focuses mainly on building up good camaraderie among the men. They engage mostly in outdoor activities such as fishing, backyard bbq, bowling, camping, etc which are always preceded by singing, games, devotion and fellowships. Most of the topics that they discuss during their devotion are targeted on the needs and concerns of Adult Christian Men and on being good example to others.

Rare Rubies

This is the NSBMBC Ladies’ Fellowship group. They meet regularly for some singing, games, sharing of testimonies, devotion and theme-focused activities. Their devotional topics focus more on lessons that are spiritually and practically relevant to their lives as Christian women and on being good example to others. This group also enjoys engaging in activities that will enhance their skills and knowledge as homemakers such as arts & crafts, gardening, cooking, health & fitness etc.

Youth Group

This is a group of youth & young adults who gather and fellowship twice a month on Sundays where they learn about God's words and are being trained and moulded to become future servant-leaders of the Lord’s church.

Christian Kids Club

CKC is the Children’s fellowship group of NSBMBC. They regularly hold fun activities for Kid’s like Vacation Bible School and other outdoor activities like Family Fun day.

Other Ministries

Music Ministry

NSBMBC has a vibrant Music Ministry. The Choir plays an important part in our worship services and special events. The Music Ministry organises Music Cantatas/Specials once or twice a year. We use piano, electronic organ and some stringed instruments as accompaniments to our songs. This ministry also look after training young musicians to be actively involved in this ministry.


The Church is divided into four Teams and each Team is assigned a specific area where they will distribute Gospel Tracts and share the word of God whenever there is an opportunity to do so. Other forms of evangelism, like street preaching by the men in the church and door knocking are being done as per schedule. There is also a course being offered to members who are willing to undergo an extensive 13-week soul-winning training.


This is the Mission Ministry of NSBMBC where several churches of like faith, belief and practices are supported; both the church and the missionaries through prayers, encouragement and financial assistance.

Love in Action

This ministry of the church is primarily aimed to provide assistance to church members and their immediate family in the event of death, sickness and serious hardship. However, this type of assistance can also be availed by others based on the recommendation of our Pastor. The fund is being built up through members’ voluntary pledging.

Bethel Bible Institute

NSBMBC established a Bible Institute - Auckland in 2012. The lessons are provided by the Faith Bible Institute, in Louisiana, USA. It runs for 6 semesters. It is aimed to equip the Church members and other people who are interested to join in a more in-depth study of the Bible from the Books of Genesis to Revelation, as well as on Biblical Doctrines. ​For more information please click the below link.