About Us

We are a Self-governing, Bible-believing, Missions-minded, Christ-established Church.  

Our Undershepherd is Pastor Louie Galang.    

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and is to be manifested in our everyday life. Bible preaching, teaching and soul winning are our priority.  

We live in a world where biblical values and convictions are challenged and mocked.  It is our purpose to share the Word of God kindly, clearly and with urgency.

Come and join us in our Church Services and experience our warm fellowship and get to know us more!

Sunday School Service


Sunday Worship Service


Sunday Afternoon Class

2:30pm (2nd and 3rd Sunday)

Sunday Afternoon Divided Fellowship

2:30pm (4th Sunday)

Sunday Afternoon Joint Fellowship

2:30pm (5th Sunday)
Pastor Louie Galang

Pastor Louie Galang

Lead Pastor
Bro. Leovigildo Pineda II

Bro. Leovigildo Pineda II

Deacon, Preacher, Worship Leader.
Herminio Alcoba, Jr.

Herminio Alcoba, Jr.

Deacon, Preacher, Worship Leader.
Pastor Louie Galang
+64 021 02523202
Willow Park Primary School Hall, 13-17 Compton Street
Hillcrest, Auckland NZ