And He is the head of the body, the  church:  who is the beginning,   the  firstborn  from   the   dead;   that  in all  things  might  have  the preeminence.   For  it  pleased  the Father  that in  Him should all fulness dwell;​   Colossians 1:18-19

The North Shore Bethel Missionary Baptist Church was established on June 11, 2006 from a humble beginning.  We started from a small group of Christian believers under the leadership of then Bro. Louie Galang.  We regularly meet every Saturday for Bible studies, singing, prayers and fellowship.  We subsequently progressed to holding regular Sunday worship services and started to function as a mission church.  With the guidance and encouragement of the Landmark Baptist Church in South Auckland, we have decided to take the next step and became an independent New Testament Church under their authority with the ordination of Bro. Louie Galang as our Pastor.   
With the divine guidance and grace of our God, our young church took new challenges and aimed to thrive.  We have continued steadfastly in carrying out God’s work of sharing the Gospel to as many people as possible, lead them to salvation that God is offering through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and eventually help them to become His disciples.


We know that serving the Lord is not easy.  It takes love, humility, determination, courage, sacrifice and commitment.  There are a lot of adversities and adversaries to expect.  However, God’s word always give us comfort and strength.  With love and unity, we can achieve what God has commanded us to do, to proclaim His word to all and make them disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe we can do this because Jesus is the vine and we are His branches!

Willow Park Primary School, 13-17 Compton, Hillcrest, Auckland  |  nsbmbcnz@yahoo.com  |  M: +64 21 02523202

 Opening Hours: Fri: 7:30pm,​​ ​Sunday: 10am-12pm