Pastor Louie Galang

Image of Pastor Louie Galang

Pastor Louie Galang is the Undershepherd of the North Shore Bethel Missionary Baptist Church.  He is married to Lilia Galang and they were blessed with three daughters namely Julie, Judelle and Jilliane.  Like other migrants from overseas, they came to New Zealand from the Philippines in 2002 seeking for a greener pasture.  Life in the new found land has not been easy for him and his family in the beginning.   But by God’s grace, he has landed into a job as a Maintenance Engineer in a Food Manufacturing Company which has been a big blessing to him and his family.   

Being a born again Christian for many years, he has been taught and has learned significantly about the precious word of God, and has been involved in various Church ministries.   He understood that coming to New Zealand primarily for the purpose of career advancement and to be enriched materially are not the ultimate goal of God for him and his family.  He recognized that God has a more important purpose in his life which is to share the Gospel, lead God’s flock and encourage them to serve Him as well.

He started God’s work by leading home-based Bible Studies, and later on God has impressed upon his heart the privilege of leading the people that God has entrusted him to look after and called him to be a Pastor.  At first, he has some hesitations, yet God fortified and encouraged him through His Words.  Later on, he surrendered his life and responded to God’s call to ministry.  On December 30, 2005, he was ordained under the authority of the Landmark Baptist Church in South Auckland, NZ which also became the instrument in sending him out to start a Mission work which later on became an independent Local Church on June 11, 2006.

Through the years of his Pastoring, he recognised that there is always a great deal of need in helping people from all walks of life in various circumstances in their lives which is a good opportunity to reach them out for Christ.  In order to be more effective in fulfilling his calling, God has graciously given him time to pursue further studies in Bible Institutes and to attend Soul-Winning Seminars, Church Leadership Conferences and Mission Conferences.  These have helped him gain more wisdom in reaching out to people and in leading God’s flock for them to become faithful servants and dedicated witnesses for the Lord. 

Being in the Undershepherd’s shoes carries with it a big burden and responsibilities, but despite of that, he believes that God is taking care of him in every situation he is facing.  Likewise, he is grateful to God that he has able men and women in the church that are assisting him, who share the same passion and commitment in serving the Lord and in accomplishing His Great Commission.