Bro. Leovigildo Pineda II

Image of Bro. Leovigildo Pineda II

Leovigildo Pineda II also known as Bro Leo is the current Deacon of North Shore bethel missionary Baptist Church NZ. He is married to Cheryl Rose Lyn Pineda and was blessed for having three daughters namely Paola, Jahnn and Alex. They came from Philippines and migrated here in New Zealand on May 8, 2006. It was his and her wife heart desire and prayer that God had answered to be here in New Zealand for the betterment of his family especially for the future of their children.

He came to know the Lord way back Aug 26, 1989 at the age of 19. He became an active youth member of a church that has a belief that “Salvation is by Grace thru Faith” plus nothing, minus nothing (Ephesians 2:8,9). All throughout the years of being in the ministry prior to coming here in New Zealand, he was given an opportunity to take different roles in different ministry of the church.

By God’s grace, together with his wife and children they continue to work and serve the Lord in the new body of believers called North Shore Bethel Missionary Baptist Church here in Auckland NZ. They are blessed and happily serving the Lord for almost fifteen years now in the church. It is a great privilege for him also to be given an opportunity to become one of the Deacon of this church. 

As a Deacon, his responsibility is to serve the Lord by helping enable his Pastor to focus on his primary duties in God's words and in prayers (Acts 6:2-4). His purpose is to handle the Benevolence Ministry (Acts 6:1-3), Teaching Ministry, administration, facilitate and coordinate the implementation of programs of the church. 

He must adhere to the qualifications for Deacons of the Church set forth in the Scriptures, stated in the passages found in I Timothy 3:8-13 and Acts 6:1-7. And most importantly he also assist the Pastor in advancing the Kingdom of God following the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by going out to preach the Gospel to the world as written in Matthew 28:19,20.